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Job Description - Web Design Consultant and/or Web Development Consultant

We have expanded over the last year serving the online needs of small businesses in the foothills and across the country. We need your help so that our growth will continue.

A web design consultant has experience in the graphic elements, html, look, feel and geometry of a website.  A web development consultant has skills that lean toward programming, that would include forms, javascript, database manipulation and navigation.

What Incognito does: We provide new website design and development, email configuration, website domain/hosting management, subscription website maintenance, client training, client response and proactive initiatives for our customers. We aim to over deliver so that our clients remain completely satisfied.

This open position requires technical knowledge, interpersonal communication skills, creative abilities, problem solving, self-motivation and a high level of honesty and dependability. Knowledge of web design, web development and graphic design are desirable. You will discuss with the customer such questions as: why is the site needed? who are the target audience? who are the leading competitors? etc.

Consultants will help us deliver outstanding services and support to our clients. This consultant should have skills in at least ten of the following areas. HTML code, Dream Weaver, Email infrastructure, Graphic design, MS Excel, Flash development, Flash action script, Digital photo editing, Online marketing, Domain name administration, CSS 2.0, FrontPage, JavaScript, ASP/ADO, VBScript, MS Access DB, Photo Shop or Fireworks, the Adobe CS3 Suite, Perl, Visual Basic, Internet Marketing, CMS (Content Management System), XHTML, PHP, Project management, MS IIS, Java servlet, Copy writing, Google applications, Search engine marketing, MySQL DB, Web positioning, MSSQL DB, and Quick Books.

We are looking for at least 3 years of practical experience and also a proven record of good communication, organization, implementation and systems maintenance. Web Design Consultants will be responsible for client account management, website functionality, website layout, visual appearance and usability of a website and must me willing to work as team players.

While we generally work a traditional work week, the opportunity exists for a flexible work schedule. After hours and weekend responsibility is rotated among consultants.

Compensation is dependent on experience and availability. Compensation review, 2 weeks vacation, professional development opportunities and health coverage will be a possibility after 6 months of productive contributions.

High speed internet at home is a requirement. You will need to consent to criminal history and credit checks prior to employment.

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