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Online Group Calendar.

Why trade dozens of emails or make countless phone calls trying to coordinate everyone’s schedule?  Online Group Calendar lets you find free time, schedule events and much more—all with just a few clicks. View individual calendars for anyone in your group or office and share your calendar with other group members; search your entire group to find times when everyone is free; schedule meetings or events and send invitations online; manage resources like equipment and meeting rooms; even share files with other group members — Online Group Calendar makes it easy and affordable!

  • Easy, 24/7 Access - Access Online Group Calendar anytime, anywhere you have an Internet connection. Plus, there's no software to install so you can get started right away.
  • Check User Availability - Easily see when others in your group have free time so you can schedule events quickly and easily.
  • Task Management - Prioritize tasks, set start and end dates and track tasks to completion.
  • Password Protection - Keep personal information and details of your calendar private and secure with password protection.
  • Email Invitation - Invite individuals to attend meetings or events — even if they're not in your group!
  • Event Reminder - Schedule automatic reminder messages via email or pop-up notification to keep you on time and on task.
  • Upload Files - Share files with group members or individuals invited to an event. Perfect for meeting agendas, project overviews and more.
  • Schedule Resources - No more wasting time tracking down available meeting rooms or other equipment like laptops, projectors, etc.
  • Administrator Control – Delegate control by choosing which members have full administrative access to all Group Calendars.
  • Email Integration - Send/Receive meeting requests and easily add them to your Microsoft Outlook® calendar.
  • Time Zones - Supports 547 Time Zones
  • Print Options - Choose from multiple print formats for your schedule: daily, weekly, monthly and more!

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