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Our Services

We are your one-stop for all website and email services. Our goal is to help you communicate better with your customers, members and prospects. That will make you more money and positively impact your bottom line. There's more detail behind each service so pick the ones you are most interested in and explore the possibilities.

Domain Name Registration and Website Hosting.

We can identify and procure a website domain name or names, manage those names, host your site, maintain security levels and much more. Learn about domain names Domain Q&A

Website Construction and Maintenance.

Whether you need a new website or a work-over of an existing site, let the experts at Incognito build you a site with a clean and modern look that brings more visitors to your door. As things change, let us worry about the technical details so you can focus on what you do well - your business. Incognito websites are custom built to serve your customers, capture prospects and make you more profitable.  Questionnaire

Email management.

You can have as many email addresses as you need and access email from your own email program Email Setup Instructions  or through our web-mail service. We can also help you with a mass email database, mass email creation and delivery system - which must be managed legally and efficiently.Learn more.
Here's additional information about email management (including screen shots of the setup process)  Email FAQ.
Learn about industrial strength hosted exchange email solutions.

Search Engine Optimization

Now that you have a first class web presence, let's bring customers to your site. We know the tricks and the secrets behind search engines and how you can be more "visible".  Learn more


What better and easier way to increase revenues than to have customers shopping at your "store" even when no one's there? You can accept membership applications and sell products online with Incognito eCommerce. We have everything you need.   Learn more

Online Group Calendar

With just a few clicks, you can coordinate schedules, manage tasks, schedule events and much more. A huge time-saver.  Learn more

Online File Folder

This feature gives you great file management and sharing flexibility. You can store, share, encrypt, compress, and send file attachments from any computer with Internet access. There is even a process to automatically synchronize your stored files with the files on your PC.  Learn more

Graphics, video and photos.

A large part of the look of a website is the color, typography and photographs included on your site. We leverage several advanced applications to deliver modern images to your site, including flash animations. We also employ partners in the photography, video and graphic design specialties to help us deliver a first class web presence for you.

Video helps your website increase search engine ratings.

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